Istanbul Treatment Construction Contracting & Engineering Inc; Since 2006, it has been serving the public and private sectors in various fields such as engineering, Civil and Electromechanical Construction and operation of water sector.

As Istanbul Cevre has senior engineering, multidisciplinary expertise. During qualified processes of design and construction stages; It has the well-coordinated units and sub-units, organization team of individuals rational and responsible and well-maintained equipment which consist of vehicle park.

ISTANBUL CEVRE; owns your job seriously, adds value to your projects and investments beyond your expectations. ISTANBUL CEVRE is well known via its' completed high-quality reference projects in relevant water and wastewater infrastructure area.

ISTANBUL CEVRE has developed and utilized its multi-disciplinary experience of diversity, expertise and technology in providing its’ comprehensive array of services.

ISTANBUL CEVRE selects a combination of these services as applying to client’s unique project requirements, Species the service plan, Performs the combination of services as a Turnkey Design & Build Management Service.